Actor Michael Ian Black said in an interview Thursday that he was furious at his mother and her partner for assuming that he was gay as a teenager.

Black, who is 44, appeared on NPR's Fresh Air to promote his new book, Navel Gazing: True Tales of Bodies Mostly Mine (But also my mom's which I know sounds weird).

He said that his mother came out when he was about 5.

“And that broke up my parents' marriage, not that it was on very firm footing to begin with,” Black told Terry Gross. “And then she entered a very long kind of abusive relationship – which is the relationship that I grew up within – with a woman I call Elaine in the book. We talked a lot about the traumas of her sexuality, and a lot of it was traumatic. Her parents forced her to undergo shock therapy when she was in her late teens ... to 'un-gay' her. ... In fact, it kind of wiped her memory clean of a lot of her early life.”

“I was probably 13, 14, something like that, and I was mortified and infuriated and it was so presumptuous of them and crossing so many boundaries,” he said of his mother and her partner assuming that he was gay. “I didn't even know how to respond. I was just sputtering with rage when they said this to me. In retrospect, I get it. I do understand why they thought I may have been gay, and the answers are because I was interested in theater and because my friends were mostly female and because, I don't know, I maybe expressed myself a certain way or spoke in a certain way.”

Black added that he's often cast in gay roles.

“I'm almost always hired to play gay. Like, it's never left, that whole thing. My first movie role was in Wet Hot American Summer, where I play a gay counselor. I've played gay in so many things. It's like with anything else, you just kind of make peace with it at a certain point. I can do that for you. I can do other things and hopefully people will see me and let me do other things, and they have thankfully, particularly in recent years. But yeah, I always get hired to play gay,” he said.