Appearing earlier this month on Comedy Central's The Daily Show to promote Gaycation, out actress Ellen Page said that she was sad that Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz doesn't want to talk about gay rights.

In Viceland's Gaycation, Page and best friend Ian Daniel roam the world in search of what it's like to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

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In one segment, Page confronts Cruz at the Iowa State Fair about LGBT rights.

“I was essentially just trying to ask him about his stance on LGBT equality, which I think we're all aware is bad, to say the least,” Page told host Trevor Noah. “And I do think it's pretty extraordinary to be in a place, to live in a country where that conversation's possible and that Ted Cruz is willing to talk to me and continue the conversation.”

“Did we connect on any level? No, it doesn't seem like something he really wants to hear and sadly that's really unfortunate for the LGBT community.”

“I think what we need to understand is that rhetoric is destructive. If you're perpetuating discrimination or hate, that really affects people's lives and that really affects our society negatively.”

“I hope the show can somehow demonstrate that that rhetoric really does hurt people,” she added.