Joey Fatone this week revealed that his character in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 comes out gay.

The sequel, which opens next weekend, comes 14 years after the original.

The 39-year-old former 'N SYNC star plays cousin Angelo in the films.

Nia Vardalos, who reprises her character Toula in the new film, based My Big Fat Greek Wedding on her one-women stage play.

“It was quite an honor for Nia to give me something like that, because not many people see the non-comedy side of me and to have to deliver something like that – telling your parents you are gay – it's a tough thing,” Fatone told WENN.

“It was an exciting thing to do and it's from experience – one of my best friends, him coming out,” he added, a possible reference to former bandmate Lance Bass. “It's a hard situation because you don't know what your parents are gonna say or do and you don't want to be rejected. So how do you deal with that?”