Police in Gillette, Wyoming said this week that they are investigating hate crimes surrounding the death of a gay Native American man.

Trevor O'Brien's body was found late Tuesday in a park, the Gillette News Record reported.

The Gillette Police Department has ruled the death a suicide, though the local coroner has yet to weigh in on how the 20-year-old O'Brien died.

The police department “has begun an investigation into details surround the incident, including rumors of hate crimes that may have been directed at O'Brien,” the paper wrote.

O'Brien's mother in 2012 reported to police that her son's car had been vandalized. An image the younger O'Brien posted on Facebook in December, 2015 shows a black sedan with the word “fag' chalked on the side along with a crude depiction of a penis.

“Thank you to whoever egged and chalked my car,” he wrote. “I've always wanted a decal on the side of my car.”

Family members told KTVQ that O'Brien was bullied for being openly gay and that “no one did anything about it.”

He “felt he had no one to turn to for help,” they told the station.

The Gillette News Record said that O'Brien was the fourth young person in the county to commit suicide in 2016.