Rostam Batmanglij on Friday released the song Gravity Don't Pull Me along with its music video.

On the title track from his first solo album since leaving Vampire Weekend, Batmanglij sings about gay heartbreak. “And the worst way I ever felt; Was from this same boy that I still miss; Cause I messed it up; And it broke my heart,” the song's chorus goes.

“I want people to hear the song as ultimately having a positive message,” he told NPR, “of learning from your mistakes.”

The video, filmed at The 1896, features Batmanglij centered between dancers Jack Grabow and Sam Asa Pratt, who move in sync with each other for most of the video, but who also dance independently.

“I hope there's something bigger that lives between all of those things interacting with each other,” the 32-year-old Batmanglij said of the song's message and the video's visual imagery. “For me, the idea of writing a song, recording it, making a video – it's like, you go around the moon and you come back. You accomplish everything there was to accomplish … It feels like telling the whole story.”

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