On Tuesday's finale of her reality show Just Jillian, personal trainer, author and television personality Jillian Michaels proposed to longtime girlfriend Heidi Rhoades.

With friends and family gathered in a private screening room, Michaels played a video highlighting the couple's lives together. The women are raising five-year-old daughter Lukensia (“Lu”) and three-year-old son Phoenix.

When the video concluded, audience members held up signs that read, “Will you marry me?” and Michaels dropped down on one knee.

“I know I'm an a-hole all of the time, but if you'll continue to put up with me, I would like you to marry me,” Michaels said.

A shocked and tearful Rhoades answered yes.

Michaels, a reluctant bride, later told viewers that “Heidi is the perfect person for me. … She's the glue that really holds everything together and I think without that, I would be lost.”