Rafael Cruz, the father of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, on Wednesday reiterated his opposition to marriage equality and suggested that without his son in the White House society is doomed.

In an interview with Breitbart News Daily, the elder Cruz warned that an additional “liberal justice” on the Supreme Court will destroy society.

“One more justice like that and we will lose our right to keep and bear arms,” he said, referring to the four justices appointed by Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. “We will lose all of our religious freedom. We will see abortion-on-demand to the day of delivery. We will see the destruction of traditional marriage. And the family is the foundation of society. If the family is destroyed, society will be destroyed.”

He added that it would be “disastrous” if Donald Trump won the White House, calling the real estate mogul a phony conservative.

“Trump is the biggest enigma we have,” Cruz said. “We don't know where he'd he on any issue.”