McDonald's has released an ad in Taiwan that features a son coming out gay to his father.

In the 90-second commercial for McCafe, the company's chain of coffee shops, a son scribbles “I like boys” on his cup, then hands it to his father as they sit in a McCafe. The father reads the note then appears to storm away from the table.

The father returns with his own beverage, then writes “I accept that you like boys” on his son's coffee cup.

The tagline “Let there be more warmth in conversation” appears on the screen as father and son exchange smiles.

The commercial, titled Acceptance, is part of the company's More Warmth in Conversations campaign.

According to, the ad received mostly positive comments on social media. But the group Taiwan Religious Groups for the Protection of the Family called for a boycott of McDonald's, saying that it was “openly promoting gay issues.”

“Because McDonald's is frequented by many children, it is especially important to oppose the promotion of same-sex behavior,” the group said in a press release.