Thousands gathered Saturday in Rome to protest the watering down of Italy's civil unions bill.

The original bill allowed for a person in a civil union to adopt their partner's biological children. The adoption clause was dumped in the Senate.

“Today in Italy, in 2016, we still have to beg for charity, for crumbs, in terms of rights,” Alessia Avellino, 21, told the AFP. “We want equal weddings, adoptions and full rights. Full rights.”

Italy is the only Western European country that offers gay couples no recognition.

Demonstrators said they were hoping to force a change to the proposed law before it clears the lower chamber.

“The law is unsatisfactory,” said Edoardo Messineo, a 23-year-old student. “It's a first step, [but] it doesn't give us those rights that are fundamentally ours.”