The South Dakota House of Representatives on Thursday failed to override Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard's veto of a bill that targets transgender youth.

House Bill 1008 sought to prohibit students in public schools from using the bathroom that does not conform to their gender at birth.

Daugaard said that he vetoed the bill because it would create “a certain liability for school districts and the state in an area where no such liability exists today.”

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The effort to override Daugaard's veto came in 11 votes shy of the required two-thirds majority needed to succeed.

Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation's largest LGBT rights advocate, called the development encouraging.

“The failure by opponents of equality to override Gov. Daugaard’s veto of HB 1008 is certainly encouraging news,” said Griffin. “Fairness and equality have prevailed over this unconscionable legislative assault on transgender children. However, the Senate must now also reject another outrageous proposal under consideration that would ban transgender students from participating in athletic activities consistent with their gender identity. Transgender youth need the support of their state’s leaders, not vicious and hateful attacks.”