Marc Benioff, CEO of San Francisco-based Salesforce, suggested this week that he may pull a digital marketing conference out of Georgia if lawmakers approve a bill that protects opponents of marriage equality.

Connections is scheduled to take place in Atlanta in May.

“Should Salesforce move if @JoshMcKoon's anti-gay bill 757 passes the Georgia legislator [sic]?” he asked his 205,000 followers in a poll posted last week on Twitter.

An overwhelming number of respondents (80%) said that Salesforce should divest from Georgia.

Benioff discussed the poll results during a keynote Q&A at the New York Times' New York Summit.

“Eighty percent said to move the conference,” Benioff said. “Twenty percent said keep it where it is, so there are still people who are not going to support that. But 80 percent say, 'Move that damn conference!'”

Salesforce is among the 400 companies that have joined Georgia Prospers, which is opposed to the bill's passage. Other businesses which have joined the coalition include Dell, Microsoft, Twitter, Unilever and Porsche.

“We just need to let those legislators in Georgia know … [that] there will be a kind of rolling thunder of economic sanctions if they sign that bill,” Benioff said.

Changes made to the bill in the Senate must first be approved by the GOP-led House before the bill can head to the desk of Republican Governor Nathan Deal.