President Barack Obama's comments on gay rights during a recent appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' daytime talk show were reportedly not broadcast in Singapore.

During the segment, Obama thanked DeGeneres for helping change hearts and minds.

“I can't thank you enough for what you have done for the gay community,” DeGeneres told the president. “So, thank you.”

“It's one of the things I'm proudest of,” Obama responded. “Because my whole political career has been based on the idea that we constantly want to include people and not exclude them.”

“But … changing hearts and minds, I don't think anyone has been more influential than you on that. That's true.”

“You being willing to claim who you were, then suddenly empowers other people. And then suddenly it's your brother; it's your uncle; it's you best friend; it's your co-worker. And then attitudes shift and the laws followed, but it started with folks like you. I'm so proud of you,” Obama added.

According to Gay Star News, Channel 5, which is run by the Singapore government, censored the segment along with Michelle Obama wishing DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi a Happy Valentine's Day.