North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory on Tuesday responded to passage of the state's first LGBT protections ordinance.

The ordinance, approved Monday by Charlotte City Council, prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in public accommodations, vehicles for hire and government contracting.

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McCrory, who served 20 years in Charlotte politics, including 14 years as mayor, threatened legislative action before the vote.

“As I communicated and predicted prior to the vote, state legislative leaders have notified me about introducing legislation that would correct this misguided government regulation and ensure it will not happen in any town or city in North Carolina,” McCrory said Tuesday.

“I am disappointed and saddened Charlotte city government initiated overreaching regulations that change basic standards and expectations of privacy regarding restrooms and locker rooms.”

“As governor, I will support legislative action to address this regulation and will remain committed to protecting the privacy and safety of all men, women and children of all ages in North Carolina. My position is consistent with challenging government overreach by the federal, state and now a local government,” he added.

Another Republican, Tim Moore, the state's Speaker of the House, announced that he would work with fellow lawmakers to bring about a “legislative intervention to correct [Charlotte's] radical course.”