Televangelist Pat Robertson on Tuesday lamented the Education Department's finding that transgender youth are protected under federal anti-discrimination law.

The agency in November said that an Illinois school district violated the law when it did not allow a transgender girl to use the girls' locker room.

Robertson told his The 700 Club viewers that the debate was “absolutely nuts.”

“We are facing thermonuclear annihilation and what are we debating in America? What are we debating? Where a little kid goes to the potty. I mean, this is nuts, absolutely nuts. It is crazy,” Robertson said.

“This whole thing is insane.”

“And for the Untied States of America to put the power of the federal government and all of its money and resources behind this transgender movement, it is just nothing short of insanity. And you ask yourself, 'When do we get free from this nonsense?' But it gets worse and worse and worse. This is liberalism run amok,” he added before linking the issue to the collapse of “marital purity.”