Out actor Cheyenne Jackson said this week that being out has “probably” had a negative impact on his career.

The 40-year-old Jackson is best known for his guest roles on NBC's 30 Rock and Fox's Glee, though he's also well known for his roles on Broadway, including roles in All Shook Up, Xanadu and Finian's Rainbow.

Jackson said that there is no certain way of knowing whether his sexuality had affected his work, but that being out “probably” had impacted his career.

“[T]here’s really no way to know what would have happened. I have been out my whole career. I came out during my very first big job in All Shook Up [in 2005] on Broadway,” Jackson told PrideSource. “It was in The New York Times, and I just decided to get it out of the way so it wasn’t a thing.”

“What effect has it had? I have no idea. Do I think I have missed out on things because I am gay? Maybe. Probably. But there’s no way to prove it. And if that’s really how something would go down, I wouldn’t want that [project] anyway.”

“But things are definitely changing, and it’s funny that you say 'as a gay man' because I find pressure on gay men, especially in our society, to look young. It’s almost like it is for women now. I see all these guys at the gym and everybody’s – well, not everybody, but a lot of guys – have a lot of stuff going on with their face,” he added.

Jackson went on to say that he used Botox for three years.

“Then three years ago I was like, 'Fuck it. I'm just gonna let my face do what it's gonna do,' and I'm so happy I did,” Jackson said.