American Idol finalist Rayvon Owen came out gay on Valentine's Day.

In the final moments of the video for Owen's new single, Can't Fight It, the 24-year-old kisses another man, played by activist Shane Bitney Crone.

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In an interview with Billboard released to coincide with the video, Owen, who finished fourth in season 14 of American Idol, said that he had only “omitted” the truth about his sexuality.

“I was afraid,” he said. “Here's a show that reaches so many people, including a lot of small town, conservative people, who grew up in the same environment I grew up in. I was afraid that if I shared this part of my life, would people vote for me? It's sad that I had to think that.”

Owen said that he had grown up in the church and had “tried to pray the gay away” until he realized that “there's no sense in fighting anymore.”