Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Wednesday shared on social media a letter she received from a gay male couple who recently became parents.

“A new dad wrote to Hillary about his hopes for his family,” the Clinton campaign tweeted.

Kevin and Robbin, who live in Atlanta, married in New York in 2014 and recently became parents.

“Two months ago (in December 2015), we adopted a baby boy who we named Grey. He is 7 weeks now. We're so thrilled and excited to be parents; our hearts are so full of love for this child,” Kevin wrote.

“My family and I have a personal stake in this election that goes beyond just political beliefs and lies at the very core of our identity.”

“I am scared of what a Republican president will mean for my family,” he said.

“For someone that I've never met, you're one of the few people whom I feel has truly supported me. … [Grey] wants you to know that he's your biggest little fan,” Kevin added of the enclosed picture of his son wearing a Hillary one-piece.