Out artist Troye Sivan told Larry King this week that he credits the Internet and media for increasing support of LGBT rights.

The 20-year-old is best known in the United States for his portrayal of young James Howlett in the X-Men film X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He released his debut studio album, Blue Neighborhood, on December 4.

Sivan, who is also a YouTuber, came out gay in 2013 in a YouTube video.

Appearing on Larry King Now to promote his album and upcoming tour, Sivan said his album was about boys.

“You say the album is all about boys?” King asked.

“Pretty much,” Sivan answered. “I mean, there's a lot of stuff in there about boys. But there's also stuff about family, friends and home.”

When asked about the speed of change in LGBT acceptance, Sivan credited the Internet and media.

“I attribute it to the internet. I think in the past, a kid being raised by homophobic parents had no way to learn any other alternative. Now with the internet, they can have the most homophobic parents in the world, [and] they can go online and see a gay YouTuber, or watch some TV even. I think it's representation on the media that's really opening people's minds at a much quicker rate than has ever happened before,” he explained.