In an interview with The Daily Beast, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper discussed his 2012 decision to publicly come out gay.

Cooper's sexuality was an open secret; he routinely appeared on gay glossy Out's annual list of most powerful and influential LGBT people in America.

The 48-year-old Cooper said that he made the decision because “visibility is important.”

“At a certain point it started to feel like by not saying something, I was saying something,” Cooper said. “It seemed like I was uncomfortable about something, which wasn't the case.”

“I was leading a very open gay life with my partner in New York; we'd go to gay bars,” he said, referring to boyfriend Benjamin Maisani.

“I'm certainly not one to preach to anybody about what they should do with their lives, but I do think visibility is important. I understand that people were critical of me for not doing it sooner, and I understand the desire to have people who are visible in the public sphere, but I think we do what we can,” Cooper added.