Christian conservative Linda Harvey this week chided Republicans who support LGBT rights, saying that the GOP will be “eviscerated” if it embraces “child-endangering, changeable deviance.”

In her latest WorldNetDaily column, Harvey criticizes CPAC for inviting gay conservative commentator Guy Benson to speak at its yearly confab.

“Jeb Bush and John Kasich hired them for key campaign staff positions,” Harvey wrote. “John Boehner and others campaigned for them. Speaker Paul Ryan said he would vote to grant them special rights. Chris Christie happily signed a key bill granting their New Jersey leaders full access to children in public schools under the guise of preventing 'bullying.' And Nikki Haley pledged that a future Republican president '… would respect differences in modern families' while respecting religious freedom, which many see as irreconcilable objectives.”

“I'm talking, of course, about those involved in proud homosexual behavior.”

Harvey said that gay peoples' “aberrant sexual conduct is a blight on America” that's “sinful, unhealthy and immoral.” “People are not constructed for these bizarre behaviors,” she wrote.

“The Human Rights Campaign and others are now so full of pink testosterone that they boldly advocate denial of First Amendment religious freedoms to anyone who resists the required obeisance: bowing before homosexual and transgendered demands – which is why no open homosexuals, even if they claim affinity with conservative values, deserve a key platform, like Townhall’s Guy Benson will get at the upcoming CPAC meeting March 2-5. Benson is an advocate of same-sex 'marriage.'”

Harvey, president of the Columbus-based Mission America, concluded: “Respect from the 'gay rights' movement toward other views? There is none. This movement divides and destroys, all because of unhealthy, deviant behavior, and it will eviscerate the GOP if they embrace child-endangering, changeable deviance.”