Olympic free-skier Gus Kenworthy says that he experienced homophobia while in Russia.

Kenworthy, who won the silver medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, told UK glossy Attitude that he and his boyfriend were denied the accommodations they asked for at a hotel.

Kenworthy has previously said that he considered coming out during the Sochi games.

“I felt shitty,” Kenworthy said of being closeted during the games.

“I wasn’t worried about being targeted necessarily, because nobody knew that I was gay but I still felt uncomfortable knowing how Russia, the country and the government, felt about me. I had been in Russia the year before for the test event with my boyfriend and they wouldn’t let us check into the hotel room. They were like, 'Two guys can’t be in the same bed..'”

“You quickly realize that you don’t want to be in the country anymore. The Olympics are the pinnacle sporting event in the world, where it’s supposed to be about all these countries coming together and yet you have this country that’s so backwards in their thinking hosting it.”

“I don’t want to sound ungrateful because I had a good experience, but it just felt like it was an unfit hosting country,” he added.