Mat Staver has claimed that state fines leveled against businesses for discriminating against gay couples amounts to a “jizya” tax on Christians in America.

Staver heads Liberty Counsel, the Christian conservative group that is representing Kentucky clerk Kim Davis in her legal fight to keep her office from issuing marriage licenses to gay couples.

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During a recent Freedom Call radio commentary, Staver criticized gays for implementing the jizya, a discriminatory tax imposed on non-Muslims living in a Muslim state.

“Deep in the Islamic tradition is jizya, a tax which forces non-Muslims to pay an exorbitant fee for living within a Muslim state,” Staver told his listeners. “Now, from farmers in New York to those offering wedding cakes, photography and other services, all have been fined thousands, and sometimes more than a hundred thousand dollars for having and acting on a religious belief that is different from homosexuals who demand their services.”

“These fees and fines are in essence a tax on Christians who are living out their faith and beliefs in the businesses that they labored for and have built. In America, we should not fear paying a tax or fee to Muslims, nor to homosexuals, just because our faith is different from theirs,” he added.