Gavin MacIntosh, half of the youngest same-sex kiss in television history, has told gay glossy The Advocate that his role on ABC Family's The Fosters has made an impact.

The drama revolves around a lesbian couple who are coping with raising five children.

Jude (played by 15-year-old Hayden Byerly) is the youngest son in the family at 13. Connor (MacIntosh) came to Jude's rescue when he was being bullied. In an episode broadcast in March, Jude confronted Connor about their relationship and Connor responded by kissing Jude.

“I really wasn't aware that my character could make such an impact on viewers,” MacIntosh, 16, said. “The kiss was very, very important. It was a groundbreaking thing, and I think it showed the two characters' relationship more emotionally than sexually.”

“There are a few television shows that are out there that portray gay characters, but I think the reason why Connor’s relationship is so different is because of the age,” he said. “No one speaks for the young LGBT community, or if they do, it’s a very minimal group. I’m glad that I’m the person that gets to be able to do that.”

The role, MacIntosh said, had made him aware of the bullying LGBT kids face.

“More people are grasping that it's not cool to discriminate and bully someone,” MacIntosh said. “We really, really have to change.”