Christian conservative Kevin Swanson has blamed the recent turmoil in the financial markets on the U.S. national debt, which he in turn blamed on the late economist John Maynard Keynes.

Keynes is widely believed to have been bisexual, but Swanson claimed that “a homosexual ruined the world.”

“It will be interesting to know that a homosexual ruined the world,” he said, referring to Keynes.

“Somebody will indeed write the story about this in the year 2060 or 2070, no doubt,” Swanson continued. “This will be the great exposé of how the world economies came down all because of a homosexual who was promiscuous, who was perhaps one of the most wicked, flagrantly licentious men who has lived in the modern world and he becomes the grandfather of the modern economies, bringing them all down. It makes a lot of sense: Sexual nihilism, of course, will produce sexual burnout, and that must be tied to economic burnout and epistemological burnout as well when societies lose the will to live.”

At a summit he hosted in November, which was attended by Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee, Swanson told attendees that God will judge America for Harry Potter's “homosexual mentor” Dumbledore.

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