Tony Perkins, president of the Christian conservative Family Research Council (FRC), on Monday delivered his second annual “State of the Family Address,” where he claimed that allowing gay couples to marry had led to “havoc in our homes and blood in our streets.”

Among those attending the event was Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, whose unsuccessful attempt to keep her office from issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples turned her into a Christian celebrity.

Perkins criticized President Barack Obama for supporting marriage equality while talking about the importance of fatherhood.

“The promise of strong efforts these past seven years to restore fatherhood and reestablish family life in our poorest communities has faded completely,” Perkins said. “Instead, national policies have sown confusion about the very definition of family. President Obama has extolled the virtues of fatherhood even as he has fought for same-sex marriage, in essence saying two same-gendered persons can parent as well as a mom and a dad. This contradictory message is more than disappointing. For our children throughout the country, it is devastating. It reduces mothers and fathers to genderless caregivers. Our children deserve better: They deserve a mom and a dad.”

“And we pay a price for this incoherent, ideological campaign by havoc in our homes and blood in our streets.”

“That’s why we have to re-empower American parents. The decision of our courts on contraception for minors, abortion on demand and redefining marriage have gravely weakened the family,” he added.