Lady Gaga, Madonna and John Cameron Mitchell were among the artists speaking about how David Bowie affected their lives following his death from cancer on Sunday.

Madonna wrote in a Facebook post that she was “devastated” by the loss.

“David Bowie changed the course of my life forever,” she said.

“I never felt like I fit in growing up in Michigan. Like an oddball or a freak. I went to see him in concert at Cobo Arena in Detroit,” Madonna wrote. “I already had many of his records and was so inspired by the way he played with gender confusion. Was both masculine and feminine. Funny and serious. Clever and wise. His lyrics were witty ironic and mysterious.”

“I saw how he created a persona and used different art forms within the arena of rock and roll to create entertainment. I found him so inspiring and innovative. Unique and provocative. A real genius.”

“Thank you David Bowie. I owe you a lot. The world will miss you,” she concluded.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter conducted shortly before Bowie's death, Lady Gaga said that Bowie used his glamour “to express a message to people that was very healing for their souls.”

“He is a true, true artist and I don't know if I ever went, 'Oh, I'm going to be that way like this,' or if I arrived upon it slowly, realizing it was my calling and that's what drew me to him,” she said.

James Cameron Mitchell, who directed and starred in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, remembered Bowie in an Out op-ed.

“I went to see him during the Glass Spiders tour, which was cool, but it was so huge that I didn’t really experience the full-on live-ness,” he wrote. “Some people you go to see fall apart – Judy Garland or Iggy Pop, say – and other people you want to see because they rule you. That was David Bowie, that’s Aretha Franklin, that’s Grace Jones, that’s Justin Bond. You want to be their bottom; you must submit, in a somewhat masochistic way, and it feels great.”

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