Tituss Burgess say his Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt character will get a new love interest in the show's second season.

The 36-year-old openly gay Burgess plays Titus Andromedon on the Netflix comedy, which revolves around Kimmy Schmidt, a naive young woman who fled to New York City after spending 15 years in an Indiana bunker.

Burgess told Entertainment Weekly that his gay character in the upcoming season “is more readily available to decalcify” thanks to Kimmy's influence and Vonda, his secret ex-wife who arrived on the scene at the end of the show's first season.

“Her [Kimmy's] optimism, her sunniness and selflessness and being considerate of other people is wearing off on Titus,” Burgess said. “And, because of Vonda’s visit, he has to expose more of that soft core. We find Titus being more readily available to decalcify. He has to come to terms with some stuff, and you’ll find out in the first episode how and why he made the exit, and that just explains so much. There are a lot of layers to this man to peel off, because it’s not just this false sense of fabulousness. It is a protective armor, so we find him having to undo what he has worked so hard to do.”

Burgess added that season two will feature a new love interest – whom he described as an “everyday man” – and a one-man show for his character.

“[The show is] about a past life that he insists he remembers. It’s very funny, and oddly touching. Given the PC social climate that we live in today, there’s so much that humans claim are a part of their human composition that other humans cannot contest … so it was lovely to go down that yellow brick road and watch, once again, how [creators Tina Fey and Robert Carlock] so brilliantly bring up tension and juxtaposition in a way of humor. It makes you question why we’re so quick to question the authenticity of someone’s experience, even if it’s something that didn’t happen in this current life.”