Televangelist Pat Robertson on Thursday advised a mother to make sure that her daughter who identifies as gay knows that she doesn't accept “the lifestyle.”

Robertson gave his advice during The 700 Club's Bring It On-Line segment, in which he answers viewers' questions.

“Pat, my daughter was baptized and accepted Jesus as a child, but during the past 3 years she believes she is gay,” a viewer named Luz wrote. “She will be 18 in June and says she is moving in with her girlfriend. I believe that she is confused, and I have reminded her of God's promises for her. I don't accept this lifestyle because I believe God's word and truth for marriage. I continue to believe and pray for revelation and God's truth over her. How do I have a relationship with her?”

Robertson advised the mother to love her daughter, then added “but you gotta let her know too clearly what you've just said, you don't accept the lifestyle.”

“It’s a difficult thing,” Robertson continued. “Many young people, they think they’re transsexual and they think they’ve got to have a sex-change operation, they’ve got to do this, that, and the other and they don't really know what they’re talking about because they’re too young to know. I have a feeling the same thing — there’s nothing that says somebody can’t be attracted to the opposite sex.”

“Young girls have crushes and they have crushes on their teachers and they have crushes on other girls as well as boys, that’s one of those things that happens, but that’ll get differentiated as she gets older. But if she gets wrapped up in that lifestyle, she may never get out of it,” he added.