Out actor Russell Tovey described himself as an Americanphile who loves diners in a The New York Times profile.

The 34-year-old English actor is best known in the United States for playing Kevin Matheson in the HBO gay drama Looking.

Tovey currently stars in Arthur Miller's A View From The Bridge on Broadway, which is where the Times caught up with him and his bulldog Rocky.

“I'm an Americanphile,” Tovey told the Times. “I love a diner. For me, It's like being in Home Alone or something.”

“I think I'm a pretty basic bitch when it comes to having a postshow meltdown moment, of having to release,” he said. “I'm really not one of them guys who's like: 'I can't sleep. I'm buzzing. I have to go out, I need to drink whiskey! I need to go to the bar where everyone's out and, like, network.' I want to go home and catch up on Netflix.”

Tovey added that he “gets blushy” when he finds someone attractive. “But I fight that,” he said.

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