In an interview with Canada's Daily Xtra, Wendy Gritter denounces the ex-gay ministry she once headed.

Gritter, the executive director of the Toronto-based New Direction, in 2008 pulled the plug on the group's affiliation with Exodus International, a group which promoted therapies that promised to turn gay men and lesbians straight. (While Exodus closed in 2013, many member ministries continue to operate.)

“It was kind of a mind-fuck to realize that the thing I was leading had traumatized people to the point of suicidal ideation,” she said.

On its website, New Direction describes its mission as “nurturing safe and spacious places for sexual minority persons to explore and grow in faith in Jesus Christ.”

When asked why the group didn't simply disband, Gritter answered: “Part of not disappearing is to say that this matters, and repentance matters.”

Gritter recently presided over the wedding of a male gay couple.