Charlotte, North Carolina City Council is expected next month to approve an LGBT non-discrimination ordinance, roughly a year after a similar measure was voted down.

According to LGBT blogger Matt Comer, supporters believe they have eight of the eleven votes on the City Council, two more than needed to pass.

After last year's defeat, the election campaign Turn Out! Charlotte helped elect pro-LGBT candidates to the City Council.

It is uncertain whether this year's ordinance will include public accommodations, which became a sticking point during last year's debate. Opponents decried the inclusion, claiming that it would allow sexual predators to gain access to female restrooms by pretending to be women. Despite dropping the public accommodations, the City Council voted down the proposed ordinance with a 6-5 vote.

The Charlotte Business Journal reported that state lawmakers are closely monitoring Charlotte's vote.

β€œIt's opposed by an overwhelming majority of Charlotteans,” North Carolina state Rep. Dan Bishop, a Republican, told the paper. β€œI hope cooler heads will prevail and they'll decide not to go down this path.”

If the ordinance is approved, Charlotte would become the first city in North Carolina with such protections.