Out actor Matt Bomer appears on the cover of the January/February issue of Men's Fitness.

The 38-year-old Bomer is best known for playing con artist Neal Caffrey on USA Network's White Collar and a stripper in the Magic Mike film franchise. He currently stars opposite Lady Gaga in the FX series American Horror Story: Hotel.

He told editors that he starts off his day with meditation.

“It's what I do to keep myself sane,” Bomer said. “Everyone needs a reset button so you can start your day without anxiety. For some people it's running, for some it's going to the gym. For me it's meditation.”

When asked what was the “most game-changing advice” anyone had ever given him, Bomer answered: “It was something actually that Lady Gaga had said to me. We were talking and she said, 'A lot of creating a name and a place for yourself in this business is just having the heart to stay in the game. A lot of it is learning how to get up and dust yourself off and stand up against adversity or whoever may be being an obstacle for you and having the heart to stay open as an artist, and creative as an artist.'”