Bravo's reality series Newlyweds: The First Year returns Sunday. Appearing in season 3 is a Utah couple with Mormon ties.

Newlyweds follows four couples through the first year of their marriage. The show's first season featured a gay male couple, while a lesbian couple were featured on season 2.

Brandon Liberati and Craig Ramsay live in California, but Liberati grew up in a Mormon family in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“Utah is a huge part of my story, of our story, Liberati told The Salt Lake Tribune. “And we talk about it in the show.”

“Everyone knows that being gay in Utah is still quite a struggle, even though marriage is legal now,” he said. “We really give people outside of Utah a look at the struggle that the gay community goes through inside the state.”

Liberati said that getting married changed the way other people viewed the couple: “It was almost like we started being treated like we were a real couple then.”

The men are also partners in business, operating Fit + Phab, which offers beauty, fitness and wellness trainers.