Out filmmaker Bruce LaBruce says that as an artist he's intrigued by the taboo.

The 51-year-old Canadian filmmaker is best known for Hustler White, which he co-wrote and directed with Rick Castro, and No Skin Off My Ass, both of which include explicit sex scenes.

In an interview with gay glossy Out's Michael Musto, LaBruce was asked whether he ever felt that he “may have gone too far.”

“The neo Nazi porn,” LaBruce answered. “There were two versions. Skin Flick [1999], which was more soft core, to be shown in theatres and at film festivals, and Skin Gang, which was more hard core and marketed as a porn movie. But it was the soft core version that drew the picketers to the ICA [the Institute of Contemporary Arts] in London. That was the first time I had picketers and headlines.”

“That’s always what’s intrigued me as an artist – to get to taboo areas, find out what the boundaries are, and see how far you can push them,” he added.

LaBruce's latest film, Pierrot Lunaire, is an adaptation of Arnold Schoenberg's melodrama by the same name. LaBruce adds a transgender interpretation to the work.