Mike Huckabee has lashed out at his Republican presidential rival Ted Cruz over remarks he made on gay marriage while attending a fundraiser in Manhattan.

At the event, Cruz, an outspoken opponent of marriage equality, told a Republican supporter that “fighting gay marriage” would not be a “top-three priority” in his administration.

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Without mentioning him by name, Huckabee suggested in a series of tweets that Cruz is altering his message to fit his audience.

“Should conservatives support a corporately-funded candidate that says one thing at a Manhattan fundraiser & another at a Marshaltown church?” Huckabee asked his followers.

“Shouldn't candidates be expected to have authenticity & consistency, instead of looking at a map to decide what to believe & what to say?”

“If marriage & sanctity of life are truly issues of principle – not politics – there shouldn't be geographical boundaries to what's right & wrong,” he added in a separate tweet.