Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), has congratulated Slovenian voters for repealing a gay marriage law approved by lawmakers.

After lawmakers in the former communist nation approved the bill in March, the conservative group “Children are at Stake,” which is backed by the Roman Catholic Church, collected the 40,000 signatures needed to block the law from taking effect and put it up to Sunday's popular vote.

“I am happy to report that Slovenia voted by over 63 percent on Sunday to reject so-called same-sex ‘marriage.’ The government had rammed through the legislation and had done everything possible to stop traditional marriage and prevent the people from having a direct vote,” Brown said in an email to supporters.

“As occurred to our coalition in Washington, DC and elsewhere, the government claimed that the people had no right to vote on the question because it was about protected 'civil rights.' Talk about begging the question!”

“In the end our friends at the coalition For Children and the Slovenian voters are to be commended for stopping what looked like a juggernaut targeting Slovenia to be the first central European country to pass same-sex marriage. Congrats!” Brown added.