Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio said Sunday that he's been called “a bigot” for his opposition to marriage equality.

In a recent 30-second ad, Rubio, also a senator from Florida, declared that this election is about value voters being branded “bigots and haters.”

“This election is about the essence of America. About all of us who feel out of place in our own country,” Rubio said in the spot, titled About. “A government incredibly out of touch, and millions with traditional values branded bigots and haters.”

During an appearance Sunday on CBS' Face the Nation, Rubio made clear that he was talking about marriage equality foes in his ad.

“People who hold traditional values are often described as bigots and haters,” Rubio said, referring to About.

“Who calls them that?” host John Dickerson asked.

“Oh my gosh, everybody on the Left does. For example, if you do not support their definition of marriage.”

“So, the president?”

“Well, most certainly the president has on occasion said that people that don't support same-sex marriage are wrong,” Rubio answered.

“But wrong is different than bigot,” Dickerson pointed out.

“Well, in the broader Left I've been called a bigot for not supporting the definition of marriage,” Rubio responded.

In a recent interview, Rubio said that as president he would pack the Supreme Court with justices opposed to the high court's June ruling which found that gay couples have a constitutional right to marry.

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