Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), suggested in an email that his group's endorsement of Ted Cruz is behind his surge in the polls.

Two recent polls, the Iowa Republican poll and the Quinnipiac Iowa poll, put Cruz ahead of Donald Trump or in a statistical tie.

Earlier this month, NOM endorsed Cruz, also a Texas senator, for president, calling him “a proven champion for marriage and religious freedom.”

“We believe [that Cruz] has the best chance of uniting conservatives and going on to win the nomination,” said NOM, the nation's largest group opposed to marriage equality.

On Tuesday, Brown said that NOM's endorsement “has helped result in social conservatives coalescing around his candidacy and he has leaped to the front of the pack in several surveys.”

“Now that we've contributed to Sen. Cruz' rise in the polls, it's imperative that we follow that up with an aggressive campaign to help him advance as the conservative choice for president,” NOM added.