In a 30-second television ad released Monday, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio says this election is about millions of value voters being branded “bigots and haters.”

In the spot, Rubio, also a Florida senator, says that this election is about the “essence of America” and those who “feel out of place in our own country.”

“This election is about the essence of America,” Rubio says directly to the camera. “About all of us who feel out of place in our own country.”

“A government incredibly out of touch, and millions with traditional values branded bigots and haters,” Rubio adds in the spot, titled About.

Rubio is an outspoken opponent of marriage equality. On Sunday, he said that he would reverse the Supreme Court's June ruling striking down state bans on gay marriage by installing justices who “will interpret the constitution as originally constructed.”

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Rubio's new ad appears to target the same bloc of social conservative voters backing Texas Senator Ted Cruz.