YouTube personality Tyler Oakley said last week that singer Ricky Martin told him that he had helped him come out.

The 26-year-old Oakley is currently promoting Snervous, the documentary which follows him through his sold out “Slumber Party” tour (now available on iTunes).

“In 2011, I believe, it was National Coming Out Day,” Oakley said during an appearance on HuffPost Live. “[A]nd I woke up one morning [and] I saw a tweet from Ricky Martin. He tweeted me and said, 'This video helped me make a very important decision in my life. Happy National Coming Out Day.' And there was a link to my video about how to come out and how it's important to come out and to do it on your own terms and things like that.”

“And I was just blown away because to me, I was just making videos… but there was a moment when it kind of clicked for me that you never know who is watching and you never know who you can impact and you never know the ripple effect that can happen, just by being yourself,” he said.

Oakley also discussed his father's opposition to his sexual orientation. Oakley's conservative father at first wanted his son to attempt so-called conversion therapy, which attempts to alter a person's sexuality from gay to straight.

“No matter how important society deems your relationship with a person, no matter who they are – mom, dad, whatever – nobody has the right to denounce you for who you are. I feel like it's hard because people are like, 'But [he's] your dad. You should respect [his] opinion.' And I'm like, 'No,'” Oakley said.