Rives Miller Grogan was sentenced Thursday to 21 days in jail for protesting the Supreme Court hearing that led to nationwide marriage equality.

Grogan, 50, of Mansfield, Texas, was charged with one misdemeanor of unlawful picketing or parading. During the April 28 session, Grogan shouted, “If you support gay marriage, then you will burn in hell,” and called same-sex relationships an “abomination.”

Justice Antonin Scalia called the outburst “rather refreshing.”

Grogan pled guilty, calling his jailing “a consequence I'll have to take.”

Grogan said that he was called to protest by his faith: “Me being a Christian, Jesus said 'go proclaim it everywhere.'”

During President Barack Obama's 2013 inauguration, Grogan climbed a 40-foot tree and tried to shout down the president.