The Cincinnati City Council on Wednesday approved an ordinance which prohibits therapies aimed at altering the sexual orientation or gender identity of minors.

Council approved the law with a 7-2 vote, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

Supporters of so-called “conversion” therapy decried the move as an assault on free speech and freedom of religion.

“I believe the city should stay out of this,” Dr. Dan Ferrell, a pastor, said. “It says something about you. Maybe other cities have better sense.”

“This council will create another type of bondage for something people themselves have a right to seek liberty from,” said Bishop Victor Cousins.

Scott Greenwood, a civil rights lawyer, said that council was within its rights to regulate such therapies, often referred to as “ex-gay” therapy.

“The people who referred to this as free speech or freedom of religion are misguided because if it's therapy, then it's medical therapy,” Greenwood told the Enquirer. “By definition, that is not speech and not free exercise of religion.”

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