Tamara Adrian on Sunday secured a seat as a member of Venezuela's National Assembly, making her the chamber's first transgender member.

Adrian told gay glossy Out that she is also the first transgender congresswoman of the Americas.

“Venezuela is going through the worst economic, social and cultural crisis ever recorded,” Adrian said. “We have to talk about the rights of couples and families, about the gender identity act, about the mutilation of intersex children, and about discrimination, which includes hate crimes, bullying, workplace harassment, and access to housing and healthcare.”

A lawyer and professor, Adrian is a leader in the LGBT civil rights movement.

In 2014, she introduced legislation that would allow gay and lesbian couples to marry in Venezuela. The project has since stalled.

“In the past 17 years the topic of LGBT rights was never seriously discussed,” Adrian said.

Adrian herself is a victim of discrimination. Her former male name appeared on the ballot.