Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz weighed in on a transgender case by declaring that allowing such students to use the locker room that corresponds with their gender is “ridiculous.”

In an interview last month with EWTN's Robert George, Cruz, also a Texas senator, was asked about a Department of Education ruling that an Illinois school district should have provided a transgender girl access to the girls' locker room at her school.

Cruz said that the ruling had been made by “zealots.”

“Well, look,” Cruz answered. “This is ridiculous. It shows just how radical and extreme the current administration is.”

“You know, I’m the father of two little girls. Caroline and Catherine are seven and five. I don’t want my daughters taking showers with little boys. I don’t want them when they’re in junior high or high school. And it’s absurd, no parents do. And these are zealots,” he said.

Elsewhere in the interview, Cruz compared the Supreme Court's June finding that gay couples have a constitutional right to marry to “Nazi decrees.”

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