Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has compared the Supreme Court's June finding that gay couples have a constitutional right to marry to “Nazi decrees.”

In an interview last month with EWTN's Robert George, Cruz, also a Texas senator, said that the president should ignore the high court's “fundamentally illegitimate” ruling.

“I think the decision was fundamentally illegitimate. It was lawless. It was not based on the constitution,” Cruz said.

Cruz asserted that during a recent Harvard Law School discussion on when it is the duty of public officials to resign rather than carry out unjust laws, Justice Anthony Kennedy compared the “Supreme Court of the United States to the Nazis.” Kennedy noted that some judges during Nazi rule resigned.

“[G]reat respect … ought to be given to people who resign rather than do something they think is morally wrong in order to make a point,” Kennedy said.

“This isn't me calling them the Nazis. This is Justice Kennedy calling the court on which he serves, calling the opinion that he wrote, analogizing that to the Nazi decrees that we must obey,” Cruz stated.

“Just to be clear, surely Justice Kennedy was not embracing Nazism,” George said.

“He drew the analogy,” Cruz answered with a smile. “And the obvious implication was just as you were forced to obey the Nazis, you’re forced to obey us as well … even if we are tyrannical and oppressive. Now, look, certainly he wasn’t embracing all of the horrible things the Nazis did but to make that analogy, that is essentially saying, we wear the jackboot and you must obey us.”