James Dobson last week declared that the Supreme Court's recent finding that gay and lesbian couples have a constitutional right to marry was proof that “we lost the entire culture war.”

Dobson founded the Colorado Springs-based Christian conservative group Focus on the Family in 1977. He stepped down as president in 2003. He returned to broadcasting in 2010 with a new radio program, Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson.

During an appearance on televangelist Andrew Wommack's The Gospel Truth, Dobson said that “a black cloud” hung over him after he realized that the Supreme Court's June decision was about more than just marriage, it was about “the entire culture war.”

“It's about control of the public schools and it's what happens in universities,” Dobson, 79, said. “It's about the economy and it's about business and it's about the military and it's about medicine. It's about everything. We lost the entire culture war with that one decision.”

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