Shirts & Skins, Logo's highly anticipated reality series about a gay basketball team in pursuit of their dream to win the National Gay Basketball Championship in Chicago, is set to premiere on September 13th. Here's what you can expect.

Shirts & Skins centers on six players of the all-star gay basketball team the San Francisco Rockdogs: Mike, Rory, DeMarco, Chris, Pete and Jamel. The Rockdogs are gay sports legends, winning more gold medals than any other team. But after a 2006 win at the Gay Games – without a clear goal to shoot for – the team fizzled.

Producers catch up to the Rockdogs with only a month to prepare for the National Gay Basketball Championship in Chicago. The team needs to overcome some serious issues: a lackluster game, some major player rifts, and a large budget shortfall. Are the Rockdogs ready for Chicago?

“When we say family, we mean family,” says Papa Joe, the team manager. The Rockdogs family shares a training house, eats together, trains together, and, of course, celebrates together.

With all those gay men under one roof, drama is certain – even for jocks. That bit of theater unfolds nicely as the story moves along, giving the production emotional credibility and insight into how gay men interact and love – particularly African-American men.

Guest appearances by openly out former professional basketball star John Amaechi are especially touching. Amaechi's role as therapist brings about a greater understanding of the team's dynamics. And as a former player and star, he offers keen insight into these matters.

Shirts & Skins is that rare reality series that functions as both entertainment and inspiration. It is sure to score with both jocks and fans.

Shirts & Skins premieres on cable channel Logo September 13th at 10PM ET/PT.