A section of an Ohio highway has been adopted in the memory of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn.

Roughly a year ago, Alcorn, 17, took her life by walking in front of a tractor trailer near her hometown of Kings Mill, Ohio.

A heartbreaking Tumblr post in which she blames her Christian parents for her death quickly went viral.

In her post, scheduled for publication after her death, she said that she knew she was transgender since the age of 4 and that her mother told her she was “wrong.”

Cincinnati station WCPO reported that a section of Interstate 71 has been adopted in Alcorn's memory.

The state's Adopt-a-Highway program on Friday placed a sign which reads “In memory of Leelah Alcorn” near the spot where her body was found. Friday also marked the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), a day set aside to remember the victims of transphobic violence.

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