Congress' single gay man, Rep. Barney Frank, and lesbian, Rep. Tammy Baldwin, juggernaut would be broken if Jared Polis wins today's Colorado Democratic primary. If elected, he would make history as the first elected openly gay representative, joining Frank and Baldwin in the House.

Colorado's 2nd district, which includes Boulder, is certain to vote Democratic in the general election.

“The chances of a Republican winning in this district are zero,” Bob Loevy, a professor of political science at Colorado College, told Time.

While Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank is open about his sexuality, he remained closeted for the first five years of service in the House.  Polis would make history as the first openly gay man elected to the House.

Odds makers at give the Victory Fund endorsed candidate a 1 in 5 chance of winning tomorrow.

Sexual orientation has not been an issue in the race. “There aren't many anti-gay votes to be found in this election,” Loevy said.

“Sexual orientation shouldn't be a barrier to participate in the public sphere,” said Polis. “It's a difficult issue for my opponents to try to use against me overtly without a backlash, but there have been some jabs, insinuations and whisper campaigns.”

Polis, who has served for six years on the Colorado State Board of Education, is no stranger to politics, but he's better known for his philanthropic giving. He founded schools both for the homeless and for immigrants with the millions he accumulated from Internet companies and

He faces tough opposition today from opponents Joan Fitz-Gerald and Will Shafroth. All three appear to be closely tied, with Fitz-Gerald having a slight edge over Polis.

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