MTV's documentary series True Life will next week premiere an episode titled I'm Genderqueer as part of Transgender Awareness Week.

Each episode of the Emmy Award-winning True Life follows a particular topic.

I'm Genderqueer will premiere Tuesday night on MTV. Logo will air the episode on Wednesday morning, followed by the television premiere of the webseries Beautiful As I Want To Be.

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In I'm Genderqueer, we're introduced to two young people who live outside the gender binary.

Jacob and Brennan both say they identify neither as males nor females.

Jacob wears what he likes during the day, but puts away the dress at home.

“Please stop,” Jacob's father says. “Please tone it down.”

Meanwhile, Brennan's parents are having a hard time accepting their genderqueer child.

“I could easily be a girl,” an emotional Brennan tells his mother. “But that's not what I want.”

True Life, now in its 21st season, has previously looked at marriage equality, coming out and the murder of Matthew Shepard.